Everything Matters is the book for supervisors too busy to read a book.

Everything Matters

What makes us special? –

We understand that Everything Matters

One of the key differences between programs designed around Everything Matters and those of other speakers is that ours are created to be the beginning of a process not stand alone events.

Another key difference is that included in the cost of a program is a book for each person who attends the session.  When Hollis presents, he is not trying to sell something more; he is teaching those in attendance how to use the book they already have! 

Dr. Hollis Palmer

A third difference is that all our programs are tailored to meet the needs of the organization.  Our programs are not prepackaged; however, they do carry one message: all organizations grow or fail based on people.  

Although most workshops and seminars are interesting, within a few weeks those who attended are back to the behaviors they always exhibited.  This is because people only change when they have the time to internalize information, while most programs are too short to allow for internalization.  In contrast, the programs for Everything Matters are designed to provide a platform for systemic change. Our programs show participants how to take the information in the book and relate it to experiences in their own lives, thus making the information real.  The presentations built around Everything Matters are made even more exciting because of Hollis’s humor and his ability to use interesting stories to reinforce a point.  He has reached the point of being comfortable laughing at his own mistakes.  It is true, he has laughed a lot.


Seminars are those opportunities where an organization or a group has Hollis present for forty-five minutes to an hour.  Those in attendance are given an overview of the five sections of the book and how to use them to their best advantage.  The areas stressed are modified based on the needs of the group. 

Seminars are often used by a single organization which is trying to enhance performance by improving communication and effectuating teams. Seminars are also used by groups such as chambers of commerce or trade associations as a method of supporting their members.  For more information click here.

Workshops are those opportunities where an organization has up to twenty-five people attend a full-day session.  Workshops tailor the ideas in Everything Matters to meet the specific needs of the organization.  In addition to presenting the ideas in Everything Matters, workshops provide the time to have people utilize activities to show how the ideas impact them in their own organization.

Note: Of late organizations have used two other methods for workshops.  Both of these methods were based on a desire not to have the people attend one all day session.  In one case the workshop started at noon one day and continued the following morning.  In the second case the organization had four sessions each approximately 90 minutes.  For more information click here.

Keynotes are becoming an increasing portion of our schedule.  This because of the humorous way Hollis presents information.  A successful keynote requires knowledge of the issues of the organization; therefore, there needs to be sufficient time to prepare the information.  After all spontaneous humor takes planning. For more information click here.

Retreats are becoming more common among organizations because they have come to realize the benefits of taking all or part of the staff away from the business.  Providing the staff with the opportunity to meet in an informal setting allows the information and format of the workshops to be expanded and made even more relevant.  Effective retreats take time to plan, so sufficient advanced notice is necessary.  For more information click here.

Mentoring is the newest addition to our support programs.  The concept is simple – we all need someone to help us with the issues we face daily.  If a person has a mentor that is in a non-threatening role it enhances the sharing of information and ideas.  The mentoring program allows each participant to meet or talk with someone from Everything Matters three hours a month for a year. 

There are two rules to effective mentoring.

1. The purpose of mentoring is to teach the process of successful supervision, not how to handle a single problem; therefore, the intern should understand that he or she will be on his or her own at the end of a year.

2. The meetings are to help the supervisor; therefore, Hollis will not share the discussions unless if he feels that the information is “essential” to the organization.     

For more information click here.


Since everything really does matter, we do not publish our calendar.  We maintain the confidentiality of all our clients.  To schedule any of the above activities click here.

What participants have to say about the Everything Matters the presentation:

“…I found the topics to be extremely beneficial and easy to apply, not only in the office, but in social situations as well.”

“…It was fantastic!”

“These sessions were very enjoyable and informative. Thank you very much for presenting to us.”

“Very informative and much needed in the workforce.”

“It was a fresh way to look at what we do and why in the workplace.”

“All the information was well covered.  The sessions were a great length and well put together.  The five week time span allowed think time between sessions.”

“…content is important, but as important is the opportunity to pull a team together in a common experience.  This series had both, in spades.”

What participants have to say about Hollis, the presenter:

“I loved it all! I loved it that you always had experiences to relate to.”

“He clearly has a thorough knowledge of his area as well as a passion for what he does.

Thank you very much!!!”

“You went a long way in increasing the positive morale momentum…you have my profound thanks and gratitude.”