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Taking a Day Off at Work

Informal resolutions

What does the supervisor do when he takes a day off at work? He spends the entire day going to the employees in their working space. To take a day off at work, the supervisor sets his schedules so that no paperwork will be completed, and all phone calls will be returned at the end of the day. Then he spends the entire day visiting and engaging employees. Note: he visits, but does not invade the employee’s space. During the day, he takes breaks in the break room, stops at the printer and listens to the staff. As the supervisor talks to his staff, in their spaces, he will hear issues that may not come up at meetings, or that the employees may not have otherwise brought to the supervisor’s attention. It works and supervisors who try the process soon do it on a regular basis.

Taking a day off at work allows the supervisor to address questions before they become issues.

Dr. Hollis Palmer