Everything Matters is the book for supervisors too busy to read a book.

At twenty, while everyone else was studying, Hollis Palmer was the student manager of his college cafeteria. Already, he was responsible for over 100 people. (He realizes now it would have been easier to have been born to rich parents or taken out loans.) This was the beginning of a career in supervision that continued for over thirty years. During the ensuing decades, Hollis was associated with organizations that had less than twenty employees and at one point was the head of an organization with over 500 employees. Through his workshops, seminars and the book Everything Matters, he shares the wisdom he gained with other supervisors, aspiring supervisors and exasperated employees.

In 1998, Hollis happened onto the story of Jesse Billings the wealthiest man in Saratoga County who, in 1878, was charged with the murder of his wife. Hollis went looking for a book on the incidents. Finding none, Hollis did his own research learning that even though there were four suspects, no one was ever convicted. That research led to his first book To Spend Eternity Alone. For more information on all of Hollis’ books, please visit us at www.deeprootspublications.com.

Dr. Hollis Palmer

Hollis realized how much he enjoyed public speaking and writing as he did over twenty presentations a year on his books.  In June of 2004 he decided to follow-up on a lifelong promise and wrote the book Everything Matters. Knowing how busy supervisors are, Hollis wrote Everything Matters for people too busy to read a book, but who were seeking new ideas.

Everything Matters is like a cookbook. It is a book full of recipes (ideas) that will help supervisors look at situations through a different lens. The ideas are expressed as short easy to remember axioms. Not only is the book easy to read with humor mixed with serious ideas, it can be started anywhere and read in short sections.

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